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Money, Press Access Points of Contention for Tea Party Convention

Posted by Susan McKay on January 26, 2010

Seems the Tea Party Nation is having a wee bit of trouble living up to its populist pretension.

Tea Party Nation set up to put profits before people, but their for-profit status is somewhat the least of their problem as volunteers quit.  NBC News reported Friday, and The Tennessean confirmed, that Tea Party Nation founder Justin Phillips, a Franklin attorney, had filed for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy in 1999 and faced three federal tax liens since 2004 totaling more than $22,000.

Oh, and, BTW:  The TP Convention in Nashville will only be open to conservative press. Yeah, that’s a true American value. Ever heard of the First Amendment?


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Nude Model* Latest GOP Darling

Posted by Susan McKay on January 20, 2010

Just more than a year ago the politics and policies of eight years of conservative rule had brought us to the brink of unprecedented economic disaster. So, Americans voted for change. Today, we find that Americans are so fearful, which in turn causes anger, that they are lashing out against the people, ideas and hard work needed to make positive change. On January 19 voters in Massachuetts chose to return to a status quo politician and his partty with the tired broken promises.  The election of conservative Scott Brown to the senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy is proof that voters tend to vote for change irrespective of whether its good or bad for them.  Too bad MA voters didn’t consult Webster’s to see that change and progress are not synonymous.

Massachusetts is not a bell-weather state for determining if national health care reform is good for America. This state already has universal health care and voters did not want to help pay for the rest of America to have it.  Never mind that our current health care system is a ball and chain on our economy and will bring all of us down if we do not reform it. Thanks, MA, for voting in the type of conservative politician who supported the housing bubble that burst, opposed the type of regulations that would have prevented the financial crisis, and did not care examine the costs of two unpopular wars—imagine if such received even half the scrutiny of health care reform–all this and more that moved us from a historic national surplus to historic national debt and sent American families and small businesses over the edge all

Well, change, change, change to more of the same that made you long for change! God Bless America!

Seems Puritans have no problem with nudity as long as its their candidate in the buff.

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