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What’s in it for Tennessee & me?

Posted by Susan McKay on June 30, 2010


Committed to Educating Tennesseans About the Benefits of New Health Reform Law

Even as we celebrate the new guarantees of excellence and security in the new health care law, we realize that it’s darned confusing! No wonder, given that health care takes up about 18 percent of our GDP!  Still, Tennesseans will greatly benefit from a step forward on the continuum of justice that reflects our American values of fairness, trust, responsibility, security, and human dignity.

The Tennessee Health Care Campaign is on a mission to education Tennesseans about what’s in the new law and why it good for them and our state.  We are looking to give educational presentations — anytime, anywhere!  So, if you want to learn more about historic health reform, contact us to come and give a presentation to your organization.


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Historic Health Reform Victory Celebration!

Posted by Susan McKay on June 30, 2010

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